Gas heating


The installation of gas heating is suitable not only for offices, dressing rooms, restaurants, chalets and cottages, but also for other buildings where fast heating is needed.

Solid fuel heating


Tried and true solid fuel heaters are an option which never disappoint. It finds its use in both new and old buildings.

Sale of pellets


Pressed heating pellets are a modern and fully ecological fuel. They are made out of pressed sawdust and wood shavings left over after processing wood.

Water and waste


We also provide all water and waste distribution for you. All the materials used are taken from reliable and verified sources.

About us

The main activities in our company Roja pal s.r.o. include the sale of pellets and the reconstruction of bathrooms and boiler rooms, which are connected with the installation of solid fuel heating and gas heating and also all plumbing and heating work. We will provide a comprehensive contract for you, from advisory activities to the complete delivery, including sales and assembly.


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